Don’t hate us cos you ain’t us: A defence of County FC lads

You’re just jelly and icecream

County FC are cunts. That feels like the view of most people at Lancaster. From being the butt of jokes about lad culture, to getting the brunt of the hate on YikYak, we County kids are the victims of this cruel prejudice.

Every day I see YikYak flooded with County FC related abuse. I myself am one of those who would come under the label of a cunt. And I ask you as a fellow human being to ask yourself Is this vile and personal discrimination fair?

Is this type of prejudice welcome in the place which we chose to grow up in? The type of environment we want to create to live in? I think not. We’re supposed to be educated young people, seeking to better ourselves through study in a top rate uni, so why are we spending our time shit-slinging over bullshit prejudices that don’t mean anything.

Home of the legends

Home of the legends

I believe that this is outrageous and would not be tolerated in any other walk of life. I believe it’s time that someone stood up for those who live in fear, that the accused had a voice, that someone spoke out for the quiet, pleasant and unbelievably welcoming lads that I have the pleasure of mixing with and calling my friends.

Let me ask you, why do you hate us so much? Is it possible that this campus wide hate of a group of lads stems from jealousy? Have a think, because I think that this could be the case, because it certainly isn’t justified. County FC harbours good lads, lads who partake in a ‘charity shop bar crawl’ each year to raise money for local charities. This is where each player purchases an outfit from a charity shop which they then wear on their adventures to sugarhouse, having harmless fun whilst also raising money for much needed and deserving causes.

just a nice bunch of lads

just a nice bunch of lads

Their midfielder Matt Fletcher even used to take time out of his pre-university life to volunteer at his local old people’s home. Some could say that it was community service; he still used to turn up either way though.

Another one of the lads who has been personally picked out and abused on YikYak is County FC’s long throw specialist Rory Eager. Now what a lot of won’t know about Rory is that he once volunteered and travelled toTanzania to help build schools for those who are less fortunate than we are. You can see Rory in the picture below, presenting a County FC shirt to the local council president.Is somebody who once travelled that far to help those who are not as lucky and as fortunate as him deserving of this abuse? I think you’ll find that the answer to that is no, no, he is not.


Have any of the other colleges done this? Is there a picture of any of the Lonsdale or Pendle FC players half way across the world having sacrificed their time, money and effort just to make other people’s lives better? I don’t think so. But in County there is, and that isn’t a surprise to me. It’s a welcoming college, a friendly one; it’s even the place where the university ducks chose as their home due to the comfortable and friendly environment it harbours.

So before you log onto YikYak and anonymously post an angry Yak slating someone ask yourself the questions, is it just? Is it deserved? Because in the case of County FC there is clearly not a chance that it is.