Extrav 2015: Which was the best of the best?

You’re just gonna vote for your own college aren’t you


Extrav 2015 was an amazing send off to those leaving the Lancaster bubble into the real world of bills and mortgages, and will be the most anticipated student event for years to come.

James Melody, 20, doing Advertising and Marketing says: “I thought they were really good. Inventive themes, good costumes, can’t remember too much of them though.”

Psychology fresher Sophie Chan, 18, added: “Extravs were the best way to end what has been a fantastic year. It was nice to see the amount of effort people put into their costumes.”

But which one was the best this year? Which one did people party so hard for that they couldn’t even make it to the other Extravs they’d paid for?


County provided a fantastical experience for you to run away to Neverland and escape your problems for one night. County JCR president Rhiannon Llyston Jones said: “It’ll be the best night and following nights won’t beat it.”


Did she keep her promise?


Photo credit: Dhruv Trivedi


Want to know what you’d look like as a zombie? Bowland provided the chance to see how ugly you’d really be as rotting flesh. Some went above and beyond with their costumes, whilst others slapped on some baby powder and slept in their mascara.


Were you a zombie or a soldier?


G’won, give her a kiss.

But 23-year-old Software and Engineering student, Anson Cheung said: “Overall I think it was quite boring, lots of people were just sitting on the couch in Bowland bar.”

Maybe it’s because everyone was getting into the character?

Photo credits: Shashank Sharma and Maria Shevchenko.


The wild west: a time of alcohol and riots. The perfect theme to kickstart summer, but some of you guys weren’t convinced.



Psychology fresher Ella Upton said: “I wasn’t feeling it.”

Fellow Psychology first year Anna Gillies added: “It was like a night at Sugarhouse where they only open the front room”.

There were those who loved it though – EPR first year Connie de Vos said: “The atmosphere was great.”



Photo Credits: Ella Upton and Sophie Chan


Make love, not war. Cartmel went back to the summer of ’69 with peace, love, flowers and all that stuff, so you could bring out your inner hippy.



Cartmel photographer Lucy Lamb described the night as: “Good times, jelly beans plus vodka slushes, doesn’t get any better.”

Maths student Maria Olszta was also feeling the vibe: “Peace and love. All you need.” Yeah but bet the vodka slushes didn’t hurt.


shrooms anyone?

Some loved it so much at Cartmel they didn’t want to leave and decided to stay… even if it was on the side of the road.


r u ok bbe?

Photo credits: Shashank Sharma and Sammi Cham


Famous Dead People – who’s not to love? There were so many different costumes, you got no squads of similarity there was loads of variety.


Furness was unexpectedly good and some found out their soulmates were from an entirely different era. History first year Zach Hughes says: “I’ve never been more attracted to Charlie Chaplin”

Photo credits: Ben Goldsworthy and Sophie Chan


So Grizedale looked pretty awesome.

Computer Science first year Ben Goldsworthy said: “I had more fun hearing Grizedale from my room than I did at any of the extravs I actually went to.”



The pictures speak for themselves. Ice Ice Baby

Photo Credits: The Lancaster Photographer


Fylde’s last night was rather amazing with their 999, what’s your emergency?theme. Some people only had half an outfit – you know who you are – but others seemed more willing to think outside the box. The steps were a bit hazardous and the place was packed out but that just shows Lancastrians party just as hard as city universities.


Don’t be fooled girls – he’s not really a doctor



Do you think she’ll get you to the hospital in time?



They can save me from drowning any day.



Ummm. Kay..?


Photo credits: Ben Goldsworthy and Dhruv Trivedi


Shrek is love, Shrek is life. Enough said.


Shrek fam



Don’t be sad Fiona – you’ll be pretty again by sunrise <3

Economics first year Dan Aston said: “The best theme, the best music, the best extrav by the best college.”

So which one will be crowned the best Extrav 2015? You choose.