Clubbers of the week: Extreme exam drought edition

Exams? What exams?

clubbers noad week

The third years are just polishing off their exams. The freshers have either just started them, or are gearing up to in the weeks to come. It feels like nobody’s going to come out alive.

Thankfully, we still have club photos to get us through.

Angriest Beard of The Week

He's a lumberjack, you're a tree

He’s a lumberjack, you’re a tree

Good guy bouncer of the week

It's as though Usain Bolt is in Lancaster

It’s as though Usain Bolt is really in Lancaster

Gurn of the week

Not content with a mere single gurn, this fella cropped up again, having apparently not changed his expression once in the interim.


It seemed like a good idea at first…


…and then the wind changed

Bromance of the week

Nah s'just what you do with your mates

Nah s’just what you do with your mates innit

Tripping-the-most-balls of the week


‘How do they get the voices inside the phone?’

Strangest pull of the week

‘Yours or mine?’

Most ‘in her zone’ of the week



Happiest clubber


aw yiss

Photo credits to Lucy Lamb and The Lancaster Photographer.