BNOC of the year 2015: The final

Choose carefully

| UPDATED BNOC Famous Lancaster University

Hundreds of you voted for Lancaster’s BNOC of the Year and now we are in the finals.

The winners of both rounds will go head to head to be crowned BNOC of the Year.

Going up first, our winner of round one:

Josh Berry

Josh with one of his adoring fans

Josh Berry cleaned up in round one with 119 votes (34.69 per cent of the vote). Holly Cummings, who nominated Josh, said “I’m obviously overjoyed that Josh is finally getting the recognition he’s owed”.

Josh was humbled by his achievement and said: “I’m trying to heal the world, one cocktail at a time”

Round one Runner Up: Ebony Edwards 84 votes (24.49 per cent of the vote)


Our winner of round two:

Sammi Cham

Fashion Icon

Sammi got a massive 398 votes (21.87 per cent). Her nominator, Lily Papadimitriou said: “Whether she wins or not, she’ll always be my BNOC.”

Sammi was also too busy shopping for the latest trends to give a quote.

Runner up: Halima Khanam: 219 votes (12.03 per cent)

The original winner of round two was asked to be taken out, however he did gain over 1000 votes. Perhaps some BNOCs are best left in the shadows.

Who deserves the crown?