Lancaster grads are top ten most employable in the country


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The Complete University Guide have placed Lancaster at 9th best in the country for employment prospects after graduation.

The data released by the 2016 University League table proves Lancaster grads are in the top ten for solid employment after finishing their degree.

We’ve moved up two places since the last survey, which placed us a still pretty decent 11th.

This time the table has ranked our prospects at a huge 78.1 per cent.

Pay up or pack up

Unsurprisingly, Imperial College London and Cambridge topped the prospects table with the rest of the Russell Group following suit.

The biggest surprise was St George’s, University of London coming higher than Cambridge and Oxford, albeit coming 44th in the full table.

We have the same chance at getting jobs just as much as St Andrews graduates.

On the plus side, we beat Manchester, Leicester, Warwick and of course York.

This just shows that we are likely to go on and do well, have a career and be rolling in it. Just look at James May.