Neck and neck: Tab poll reveals Lancaster caught between Labour and Tories

We don’t know what we want

In the biggest division to hit Lancashire since The War of The Roses, our Tab poll has revealed we’re caught in a desperate battle between Labour and Conservative.

Labour just about edge in front, with 30 per cent of Lancaster students signing up to be part of the Milifandom.

But the Tories are behind by a whisker, with a nail-biting 29 per cent pinning their hopes on Dave.

Green Party trails behind in third place, with eight per cent, while Farage’s purple people are nabbing five per cent of Lancaster votes.


Lib Dems manage just a pitiful four per cent, levelling with the same amount of people who aren’t bothering to vote at all.

Fresher Sammi Cham called the results “surprising”.

She said: “I haven’t actually met anyone backing the Conservatives apart from one of my flatmates.”

The Tories appear to be the party of the youf, as they’re the most popular among first years, while second, third, and fourth years are on Ed’s side.

Meanwhile bumout Post-Grads remain undecided, with a three way split between Tories, Labour and Greens.