Wake up! County is clearly the best college

Walkin’ in a County wonderland

County is hands-down the greatest college on the Lancaster University Campus, and here’s why.

First off, we’re the largest college on campus – a diverse community allowing you to meet people from all different walks of life. (“How do you say ‘hungover’ in French again?”)


We also have the greatest range of accommodation –  standard ensuites, superior ensuites, superior standard – just so you can feel like you’re making the most of university life each time you chunder in a different pre-drinking environment.

The Fresher’s Week Chants

Let’s face it, we basically destroyed the other colleges on the Sugarbus in Freshers’ Week with our chants. And out of spite, our rivals have retorted with their desperate and tasteless “county cunts” rebuke. It will not phase us.

“You can’t spell county without cunts” they say. We hold our heads high, they will not win.

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There’s only oneeeeee County College!

Lancaster Square

It’s basically our home, our territory, and you can’t really argue with that. Bonfire Night, Campus Festival, everything truly exciting on campus goes down in this square. And remember fresher’s week 2014? Everyone mingled on the lawns outside the townhouses on the first night, and it was a beautiful moment (At least what we can remember of it was – right?).

No other college can truly claim ownership of Lancaster Square – just one of the many reasons County has the edge.


Campus Festival in Lancaster Square!

County Bar

Despite its infamous title as the ‘most chilled’ bar on campus, County Bar does have its virtues. It hosts the lovely Costa Coffee in the day where students sometimes relax with a nice coffee and their laptops. Sometimes. At least, once in a blue moon.

It also hosts a “range” of activities in the evenings, from society socials to Comedy Club on a Thursday – which is actually pretty hilarious and attracts a regular crowd. Besides, where did James May decide to go when reminiscing his time at Lancaster University? COUNTY BAR.

(Although he was from Pendle, so who can really blame him).



County is pretty damn convenient in terms of a lot of things. In comparison to the far-off Lonsdale and Cartmel lot – who probably get jet lag just from the length of time it takes them to get to lectures in the mornings – County is close to several of the lecture theatres, and the LICA and County Main seminar facilities. Which means rolling out of bed with a hangover and making it to that 9am lecture is just that little bit easier.


And it’s so pretty


County Ducks

Yes, we also claim the ducks. They’re ours. And the ducks love us too – they aren’t afraid of students when they live in County.

In fact, some of the lovely creatures are known to wander into some of the townhouses. And shit everywhere. (Have I said that already? It happens a lot.)



Oh yeah – and don’t forget about our tree. It has like, branches and stuff.