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To anyone who isn’t a local, Lancaster is, lets face it, the middle of nowhere.

There’s an assumption how, because we are surrounded by millions of sheep and have a lack of a cityscape, nightlife is non-existent – and how if there are clubs around, they’d be shit anyway.

We, as students, know differently: nightlife exists and, actually, isn’t so bad…most of the time. The main question is, which is the best, and which would you “rather not”?


The place to be...

The place to be…

Where memories are made and swiftly forgotten, the student-run Sugarhouse can definitely be called the oasis of nightlife.

Like the old friend who is always there for you, it holds wild student nights every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. There’s also the added bonus of Purple card discounts and live acts…


If you like dirt-cheap drinks and chest-to-chest encounters with strangers then Hustle is your scene. It’s neon-pink branding and sticky, sweaty atmosphere is hard to miss – go on, you party animal.

Glow Rooms

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Strategically placed under Dalton Rooms bar, Glow Rooms is prepared to bombard you with flashing lights and colossal clouds of dry ice. Messier events are regularly held here – Blood Paint Parties at Halloween is the kind of thing you’ll be experiencing.


Vodka is the attraction at Revs. With a weird and wonderful range of flavours to shot while bobbing to the-song-you-know-but-don’t, Thursday’s cheap student nights aren’t half bad. On the odd occasion they open up the second floor with DJs and a club-like experience too.



With Basshunter (yes, the guy you loved when you were twelve) visiting this month, Elements is the place to be seen. With a dancing cage next to the DJ booth and UV lights everywhere, there’s that slightly-fancier nightclub atmosphere.


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 14.32.39

Would you like raving in a disused prison? If you do, AWING should definitely be on your list. Hosted in the cells and holding regular exclusive DJ events (the next on the 22nd of May), this place puts the “awe” in awesome.


What's your potion?

What’s your potion?

Possibly the most swanky night out the Apothecary is a cocktail-drinking, -oooh-looks-expensive kind of place. Although pricy on the drinks, the quality of experience here is great and getting snapped by a photographer in the exclusive second-floor club (open only to invited parties) makes anyone feel VIP. It also holds regular Open Mic nights for wannabe artists out there…