When Basshunter came to Lancaster he gave us some life advice

‘It’s important to always be a nice person but a little mental too’

When Basshunter came to Elements last year he was the perfect host.

We grabbed him before his set and caught up over a few drinks (he bought them, no biggie).

Basshunter, real name, Jonas Altberg had deliberately worn his favourite socks to grace us with his presence – they were red and stripy.

He came to Elements straight from bed.

The tousled-haired DJ said: “To be honest with you, I just show up and play. I only just woke up.”

Who looks this good when they've just woken up?

Who looks this good when they’ve just woken up?

His touring schedule is so hectic he didn’t even know how often he played at unis, and sadly wouldn’t tell us whether Lancaster was his favourite.

“I feel sometimes picking a city or uni is like picking a football team in England, it’s going to get you killed one day.”

Imparting his musical wisdom, Basshunter gave us the advice:

“Artists become too restricted by management or label, so it’s important to always be a nice person but a little mental too.”


He is definitely not restricted by management

His sexual preferences are niche, so for anyone looking to pull last night, he was after: “A female version of myself because then the sex would be fucking amazing.

“I don’t go up to girls in clubs and things anymore but one I use is ‘What are you doing after the dance. Recently, I’ve been online dating a lot and online you tend to approach people differently.

“Usually when I’m pissed off my head and I don’t even remember our first time having sex.”

Giving us a bit of advice he says: “Never go hit on a girl head on. I’ve found if you go and compliment something they are about a lot like their hair – they will be much more interested.”

He has had some shockers in the past, his worst one was in Scotland.

“A girl said to me – ‘hey Basshunter, you should fuck me tonight because I’m going to sit on your face and make you want it’. It was terrible; as soon as I turned her down she was fucking my manager.”

He’s just got rid of his topknot and says it makes him feel “five years younger”, so if you remember him from posters you saw in school – he basically looks like that now.

Best friends already?

Best friends already?

Basshunter’s planning to release more music. He told us:

“I probably won’t release anymore albums but I’ll probably release some free music and if it’s really fucking good I’ll charge you for it.