James Maynia takes campus by storm

Everyone wants a selfie with captain slow

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Over the past few days telly legend and floppy haired alumnus James May was on Lancaster campus to open a new Engineering building – and everyone’s gone a bit mad over it. 

Lancaster University has some very notable alumni from Andy Serkis, better known as Gollum in Lord of the Rings and writer Andrew Miller, an award winning laureate.

But probably one of the most famous (and important) one is Mr James May of Top Gear and Pendle College fame.

Seeing as the Top Gear trio are currently taking a “break” from TV, May felt he had to do something with his new found free time. For two days, James wandered around campus taking an unimaginable amount of selfies – if you didn’t get one you lost out.

The reason for his sudden appearance on campus (but not Cartmel, never Cartmel) was due to our shiny new Engineering building and presumably pose for selfies with students.

Rumour has it that Mr May is considering a new career teaching Mechanical Engineering after his time at Top Gear fuelled his gas tank of knowledge.

The Lancaster Octopush team with May

“James Maynia” has reached such dizzying heights that some have even discussed creating an app to track his progress around Lancaster.

Students would be able to report sightings, take a selfies and use an on screen map to locate the petrolhead – giving a whole new meaning to the term head hunting.

The hysteria has added even more excitement to an unusually sunny week in Lancaster and distracted students from studying even more than they were before.

May tweeted about him leaving the University and warned students to work hard. Slackers.