20-year-old woman assaulted at Sugar House

The Lancaster student fell unconscious to the floor

Police were called to Sugar last week after reports of an assaulted student. 

The female student is believed to have fallen unconscious to the floor after an altercation with one of the door staff on the morning of Saturday 21st at 1.25am.

The 20-year-old woman was treated for bruises on her shoulder and face and a broken tooth by the paramedics on site.

Speculation on social media led to LUSU releasing a statement.

The union said: “The evidence we have at this point in time does not correlate with the statements that were made on the Facebook page ‘Overheard at Lancaster’.

“Similarly the post does not match what we believe to be the police’s line of inquiry nor does it correlate with the CCTV footage or witness statements we have at this point in time.

“Our understanding is that the police do not wish to investigate any Sugarhouse or FGH staff members.”

Where the incident occurred

The LUSU president Laura Clayson and Vice President Welfare and Community Mia Scott have contacted the injured women to offer her support.

LUSU wanted to confirm that “Student safety is paramount” and that the staff for the LUSU run Sugarhouse undergo “comprehensive training to ensure that proper procedures are followed.”

They added: “The actions of the staff at the Sugarhouse on Friday night were in line with this training.”