Local MP calls on university to distance itself from paedo honorary grad

They still boast his name on the honorary graduate web page

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Simon Danczuk, Rochdale’s current MP, has blasted Lancaster’s affiliation with paedophile politician Sir Cyril Smith.

He said it was “only right” that the university dis-affiliate itself from Smith.

The Labour MP’s comments come after The Tab yesterday revealed that, despite Cyril Smith being outed as a paedophile with allegations of child abuse and alleged cover-ups, he still holds an honorary degree at Lancaster University.


The current Rochdale MP, who’s also a former student of Lancaster, was the first to expose Smith and the child abuse scandal, after alleged cover-ups from within the establishment.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Danczuk said: “Cyril Smith was a larger than life figure who was celebrated by many in Lancashire during his life, however now the shocking truth about him is coming to light.”

Danczuk's wife has gained notoriety for her selfies

Danczuk’s wife has gained notoriety for her selfies

Danczuk added: “In light of these revelations it is only right that institutions associated with Smith put distance between themselves and him and I am sure Lancaster will be looking at whether it is appropriate that he continues to hold this degree.”


The University have been contacted but are yet to make a statement.