There’s a Chemistry lecturer called Professor Snape at UCLan

He doesn’t teach Defence Against The Dark Arts

Harry Potter Professor Severus Snape UCLAN

Timothy J. Snape is a senior lecturer in Chemistry at UCLan and, much like old Severus, is an enthusiast of potions and mysterious substances.

Unlike his famous counterpart however, UCLan’s Professor Snape is a lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry and it currently researching within the area of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.


His academic journey has seen him study at prestigious universities such as Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester. But not Hogwarts.

Snape has co-author of over 50 published articles, one of his most thrilling titles being: “Synthetic oligoureas of metaphenylenediamine mimic host defence peptides in their antimicrobial behaviour.”


Professor Snape said: “At the start of the new academic year I am asked by the new students a couple of times a week if I am a professor and if I have watched the Harry Potter films.

“Sadly, I haven’t seen any of the films, but I am all too aware of the Professor Snape character – I even get students sniggering as they pass the name on my office door.

“That said, as a Chemistry lecturer, it gives me a certain distinctiveness I suppose.”