This video from the Muay Thai society is incredible

That’s how you take a punch

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This incredible video of Lancaster’s Muay Thai society surfaced on the web last month and leaves you wondering how anyone could get pummeled like that and still come back for more.

The video shows fighter Anson Cheung taking stomach punches like an absolute boss, showing no sign of pain and sucking up hits like a young Bruce Lee.

These sick moves are part of an important component of Muay Thai training called conditioning and Anson Cheung, explained that for most this is the worst part of training.

Muay Thai is simply a brutal and close combat fighting sport using the whole body as a weapon.


Law second year and health and safety for Muay Thai Ben Castle said: “It’s a very safe sport the only real danger is the beginners not knowing how to control themselves and hitting too hard.

“There’s a few bloody noses here and there, but what hurts the most is when your toes swell after hitting someone in the elbow.”


Anson added: “It’s all down to the technique, that’s why I looks so concentrated.

“When you receive a punch you have to exhale to contract your abs to not feel the pain. If you don’t get that right, well you are going to be in some pain”

Both fighters agreed that they: “Love the challenge of constantly pushing yourself to the limit and getting out of one’s comfort zone.”

Ben also said: “Even though it’s a physical sport I feel good after a session, it helps my confidence when walking down the street knowing I can defend myself.”

The team at a recent tournament

The team at a recent tournament