333: LUSU launch mysterious campaign to get you to vote

They’ve got a cow

333 Fleetwood Lancaster Majority Minority Politics

333 was the number of votes that formed the majority in the last election.

The mysterious 333 symbol had been in the centre of debates all through the campus from Fylde bar to Yik-Yak.

Some thought it was a campaign to give out free food. Others thought it was a half-assed satanic call.

Eventually, with one of the biggest anti climaxes of the century, we found out the campaign was to encourage students to register to vote.

As a university we have a considerable voting power in this constituency, so SU are pushing for a bigger voting turnout of Lancaster students.

The LUSU Cow…’nuff said

Campaign organiser and VP for Union Development, Damon Fairly said: “The 333 campaign is a campaign designed to highlight the marginal nature of the Lancaster & Fleetwood Parliamentary Constituency in an engaging way.”

The 333 Volunteers

Fairly claims that over 100 students have registered to vote since the beginning of the campaign with a name that’s just not quite as catchy as 118 118.

Accounting fresher Orhan Ahmed said: “It is important for us young people to vote because we are the future of this country and without having our say we will not be in charge of our own futures.”

I stood with them…jus’ wanna be in the crew

But disillusioned English Lit Fresher Sammi Cham probably speaks for a large majority of disillusioned students when she says “Politics is too complicated, I don’t get what’s going on half the time.”

Either way, the campaign did not deliver any free food and for that we all are upset.