Terry Madden: The man, the myth, the legend

He saved someone from losing a hand once

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He’s Lancaster’s answer to Hugh Hefner

He’s a local celebrity, referred to by many as the pride of Lancaster. He flips burgers by day and parties hard by night.

He is none other than the man behind Maccies, King Terry.

Terry hard at work in McDonalds

Despite being the full time party animal, it came as a surprise that Terry, 53, isn’t really into his music.

He said: “I really don’t listen to music but there are certain songs like Rihanna, *burm burm burm* (making noises that vaguely resemble a Rihanna hit) I love her stuff.

“I can dance to anything, you could put Mary Poppins on and I would find a way to dance to it.”

Being the acclaimed socialite that he is, it goes without saying that Terry needs quiet time between his big sessions.

Mad Terry said: “I like true stories, and action packed film. I’m not into love stories but I’d say the best ever film, and I actually cried at this one, is Green Mile. I’m 53 and I was actually in tears watching that.”

Funnily enough, Terry isn’t the best for recommendations in McDonalds.

He said: “I’m not gonna lie, and students know it, I do NOT eat McDonalds.

“If I take anything home, and I rarely do, its just a breakfast wrap. I don’t go into Burger King and I’ve never been to a KFC. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with McDonalds, but I just won’t eat there.”

Terry – mid gurn

During his time as a customer care assistant, it goes without saying that hero Terry has encountered some strange things.

“A girl was sick all over me once, I’ve got a picture of it on my phone.

“But on a serious note, there was this one time when I was called outside to tend to a girl, whose legs were completely covered with blood.

“All our managers are first aid trained, I’ve been a manager, been a supervisor, all over and I know first aid like the back of my hand. I asked her if she had fallen over and she said no, she showed me her wrist and there was blood gushing out.

“I took her in and wrapped her arms with cloths to stop the blood. We had to shut for an hour, with all the paramedics. I went to Morrisons to get some cigarettes after and it looked like a massive exorcist scene outside.”

Unfortunately, as Terry informs me, this girl has lost feeling in one of her fingers and is constantly having physiotherapy for her hand but without his tender touch who knows how badly she could have been harmed.

“Her parents even rang me to thank me for doing what I did.”

With several club appearances under his belt now, and free entry into almost every club in Lancaster, Terry has undoubtedly cemented himself as local celebrity and all around G. I wanted to know more about what he was like as an naive 18/19 year old.

“Well, we would go to what you call Dalton Rooms, we would start at 2 in the afternoon on a Friday and we would have a session right through into the night.

“But if you fell asleep, things happened to you, either you would leave with no eyebrows or with fucking chunks of your hair out, and you would never realise until the morning.

“Worst one I had, was during a stag-do, we were piss balling about and we chained this lad to a fence. Then one of the lads slapped the handcuffs on me too. Four hours and we were freezing our balls off standing outside.”

Bit of war pain never hurts!

You’ll probably find Terry cutting shapes in Hustle this weekend (not Elements though as “there’s to many fucking stairs to go up if you want a ciggy.”)

If not he’ll be proudly representing Ronald McDonald, sorting out your post night out scran.