The best and worst of Lancaster’s takeaways

How hungry are you right now ?

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Been a while since you last ate? Feeling peckish?

Check out these local takeaways’ food hygiene ratings before you tuck in.

Urban Spice

Situated on Brock Street, old reliable Urban Spice is just a stone’s throw away from the likes of McDonalds and Elements.

And Urban Spice has the dubious honour of being one of only three places in Lancaster with a food hygiene rating of ZERO.

In FSA words that means “urgent improvement is needed”.

One of very few 0 rated takeaways in Lancaster


Next we move onto Ketchup, well known on campus for the rich aroma of fried rice surrounding the area between Spar and the Post Office.

Food Standards Agency awards Ketchup a lowly 1/5 – in other words “major improvement necessary”.


Although Hustle is a club and not a takeway, it didn’t escape the wrarth of Food Standards Agency, who rated it alongside Ketchup as a 1/5 (“major improvement necessary”).

But Management and French fresher Michael Peat was among those not swayed by the low rating.

The 18-year-old said: “The cheap drinks are the main attraction.”

The Sultan of Lancaster

On a much more positive note, this go-to Indian on campus was given a 5 for its hygiene. In Food Standards lingo that means it’s “very good”.

The Sultan isn’t the cheapest place on campus but the food is good and it’s late opening times make it for a great place to eat whether you’re stumbling back to your room on campus or completely hungover the day after the night before.

It’s not just food, it’s an experience.

Philosophy first year Leo Baldi said the Sultan was “one of the reasons I’m willing to brave the damn distance from Alex Park and the torrential weather.”

The Mill

Most Lancaster University students know The Mill as ‘Fylde Bar’, a go-to place for decent food and to watch the football.

With a bargain 3 snacks for £6 deal and a stellar 5/5 awarded by Food Hygiene, it’s obvious why The Mill is so popular.

Bio-med fresher Thomas Roach says: “Football without The Mill is as bad as The Mill without football.”

You can’t take The Mill out of the football

Iky’s Pizza and Balti Joint

A hidden gem (so to speak), Iky’s is a little way out from the traditional route back from clubs.

Joining the ranks of Ketchup and Hustle, Iky’s is awarded a paltry 1/5 hygiene rating. Worth the journey?

Bella Italia

Despite being part of a national chain, Lancaster’s Bella Italia only managed a 2 in the food hygiene ratings (“improvement necessary”).

Adding insult to injury, native Italian student Leonardo Baldi said: “It’s not even really Italian.”

Big Bites

Opposite the Apothecary and a stone’s throw away from Revs, Big Bites manages a decent 3/5 food hygiene rating.

In other words “generally satisfactory.” That’s a relief.