I nearly paid £52 for a 9″ Margherita pizza

If you were there beware

Lancaster Margherita Mognies Pizza Takeaway Tricked UCLAN

An unsuspecting student made a fatal mistake in a local takeaway, almost paying a STAGGERING £51.65 for a 9” Margherita pizza.

Joshua Brandwood, a Public and Uniformed Service third year at UCLAN, almost fell victim to a terrible miscarriage of justice in Mognies, after he sought respite after a night out in the form of a takeaway pizza.

Retailing at the normal price of £4.30, the oblivious student was almost charged 12 times the amount for his post-night out nourishment.

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Following his harrowing experience, a shaken Joshua posted his tale of woe on Facebook, garnering hundreds of sympathetic likes.

Joshua told The Tab: “I was about to press the last bit of my pin, and realised, so I furiously pressed cancel.”

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Describing him self as a connoisseur of Lancaster’s takeaway establishments, 20-year-old Joshua said that he would be sure to avoid Mognies in the future.

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Brandwood, who is in talks to become a local councilor for the Morecambe area, also added: “A vote for me is a vote for reasonably priced pizza.”

Mognies declined to comment on the situation when asked for a response.

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