The best beer gardens in Kingston

The Tab’s guide to the best places to get a drink and enjoy the momentary sunshine

Canbury Arms Kingston upon Thames The Cricketers The Ram The Victoria Woodys. The Thames Wych Elm

The Ram

Now that the sun has finally got his hat on, what more could a Kingston student want than to go and have an ice cold cider in the sun? The Ram’s beer garden is on the river, and you can’t really get a better location than that! You’ll probably have to dodge some ‘edgy’ types as you pick your way through the sea of students, but you can’t have everything.

Getting a table can be relatively hard because The Ram is such a popular choice, but the lovely bar staff hand out plastic cups if you’re going outside, so you can always take a stroll along the Thames, cider in hand. Classy.



Woody’s is literally on the river front; you couldn’t get any closer unless you dived right in. It doesn’t technically have a beer garden, but you’re always welcome to take your drink outside to bask in the sunshine with your toes dangling over the water. Lush, and quite a good place to take someone on the first date.

The Victoria

If you’re hanging about in Surbiton after loan day, when you can finally afford to go somewhere other than Coronation Hall, then The Victoria is the place to be! Okay, I’ll admit, it is very pricey. It’s a Youngs pub, and a cider will set you back about £5; not exactly Spoons prices.

Just trust me when I say the beer garden is worth it, especially if there’s a big sports event on. I went to watch England’s six nations rugby matches, and the atmosphere was incredible. Oh, didn’t I mention that they have wide screen TVs outside? Well, they do! The Victoria 1, Spoons 0.


The Cricketer’s

Most students probably know The Cricketer’s for their Thursday night bingo, but it’s also a great place to go in the sunshine! You can sit out the front and watch some boys playing shirtless football over on Fairfield (yum!), or sit in the garden round the back if the tables out the front are taken up by salivating girls.

Either way, it’s a lovely place to enjoy a beverage of the alcoholic variety. And when the sun goes in, and it gets a bit too chilly outside, they even have a pool table. Result!

The Cricketers is also game for Pub Golf...

The Cricketers is also game for Pub Golf…

The Canbury Arms

I’ll be honest, I only know this pub exists because I used to live down the road from it. It’s about as far from a student pub as you can get, but it does serve some amazing food! So if you’ve got some extra cash floating about on loan day and you fancy treating yourself, sit outside in the quiet patio area and await your steak! You won’t be disappointed.

The Wych Elm

Somewhere to take your mum and dad – maybe even your gran – if they ever come down to visit. Again, I only know about it because I lived about three doors down from it in my second year. The garden really is the pub’s pride and joy though, and it is literally award winning. Seriously – it’s won awards. The website describes it as “colourful, in parts exotic, this is a relaxing oasis in the centre of Kingston” – they’re not wrong, this is almost definitely the most beautiful beer garden in Kingston.  It’s family run and has a dartboard; a rarity for the area. But be aware that if you go down with just your mates, you’ll probably get a weird look from the locals.