“We have carefully considered all feedback” – But the school of Surveying and Planning will be closed anyway.

KU ignores a student and staff petition to save the FADA course

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The School of Planning and Surveying will be closed at Kingston University.

Despite the shade thrown at Vice Chancellor Julius Weinberg during the Big Student Meeting from student and faculty alike, the “hundreds of emails” he gets every day and a whopping great petition with 1343 signatures.

Posters around the campus

Posters around the campus

With this closure will come staff sacking or “displacing” them throughout the university and the unsettling of 432 students. The fate of Dr Sarah Sayce  is still to be announced.

So much for VC’s bollocks claim of “only 14 students will be affected”.

VC looking so concerned and bothered.

VC looking so concerned.

A claim is that “all but two students” will be able to complete their course.

A letter from Steven Spier, the Dean of FADA, was posted a letter on the petition page: “Should we decide to withdraw from planning, current second year students would be able to complete their degree at Kingston University.

The University will do everything it can to ensure other students can complete their studies, either on a similar alternative course at Kingston or at another university. The proposal will not affect final year students.”

When it came to the security of staff, the letter continues “The proposals we are considering may result in the need for some staff redundancies.”

"Oh you DON'T want your course closed?!"

“Oh you DON’T want your course closed?!”

So, this is the message we get from the top dogs: We don’t care. Get on with it