Tab tries: a bra fitting

Emily Murphy and Elise Tarr were invited to a lingerie appointment at Rigby and Peller

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Found in the heart of Mayfair, opposite Saville Row and nestled between Vivienne Westwood and Dior, we became instantly aware Rigby and Peller was posh.

Like ‘by royal appointment to her majesty the Queen’ kind of posh.

We put on our best swanky accents and ascended the royal steps to a masterclass in fancy bras.

So regal

So regal


Posh ‘n’ gold

First up a a glass of tea. Yes a glass. These guys are so MIC.


We were lead to our own private changing room complete with a spangly see-through chair, two gold trimmed mirrors and a sexual satin robe with the trusty glass of tea in hand.


Although I can’t remember her name, the bra-attendant taught me things I’d never known about boobs. I’m not one to shy away from attention, so I happily removed all clothing from my top half and stood in front of her – all tits and nipples.


The-lady-who-cannot-be-named asked me to tilt my body forward so gravity could take charge. She then cupped my boobs into the bra and put it on the first clip to fasten. Done? Not even close.


You-know-who began to pull and push my boobs into the bra in ways I’d never imagined and the result was magnificent – I gained a cleavage. It also turns out I’ve been putting my bra on wrong for the past ten years.

The infamous cleavage bra

The cleavage bra

Bringing sexy back

Bringing sexy back

Poor Elise had never been measured even though her boobs were bigger than my head. After being diagnosed as a 30F, Elise realised she’d been going wrong with her ‘trusty’ 34D bras.

She was in awe of how comfortable and snug her two watermelons felt within a bra actually tailored to her size and had to finally admit she’s a big chested beauty.

Fits like a glove

Fits like a glove

We were invited to ol’ Rigby’s as members of the press but it became pretty clear they had never read The Tab.

The average price for a bra was a mere £80, but we reckon our student readers would prefer to blow £80 on a hundred things from Primark.

£100 x 43 bra = student loan gone

£100 x 43 bra = student loan gone