How to achieve photo-shop skin without the computer

0 to perfect skin in 4 easy steps

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Make-up tricks of the trade have recently been brought to my attention by the talented Sarah of Sarah Artistry at a Mac make-up class I purchased through Wowcher. I got my wow that day when I realised there were myths behind make-up and how to apply from natural to bridal. I will be passing over some tips…


Get ya kit out

Most make-up users are aware of the order of make up, leaving the eyes until the end to avoid residue powder settling in to the foundation. The number one make up desire is how to achieve a photo-shop look without having to actually being a computer wiz. Wouldn’t it be great to have constantly illuminated skin? Now you can!

Step 1: have a good skin-care regime

Make-up can cause spots and blemishes and can affect the quality of skin. My favourite skin-care products come from L’Occitane, especially the Angelica discovery set which comes with cleansing gel, face toner, exfoliating gel and hydration cream. Benefits include radiant soft skin and long lasting hydration. It comes at £20 and products last for up to 3 months.

Glowing not grey...

Glowing not grey…

Step 2: know the exact skin-tone to achieve the most flawless results.

Referring to Mac skin tones, for our gorgeous darker toned ladies, you’ll want an NC rich liquid foundation, whereas lighter skin toned like will want an NW rich liquid foundation. Always apply primer with moisturiser; it will even the skin tone and keep make up on for longer



Step 3: Go army on your face

Use a Mac camouflage make-up palette before applying foundation. It’s the product that really makes a massive difference!  This is where you will look full-time photo-shopped! Use green for red areas, lilac for the upper lip, yellow as a corrective colour on pink areas like cheeks, orange for dark circles/ pigmentation and brown for contour. The order of this application:  orange-under eyes, purple- upper lip, yellow- nose and cheeks, green- sides, skin and forehead, then use the foundation designed directly for your skin

Step 4: apply foundation with a brush over the camouflage make-up.

Use quick strokes and dabbing motions with the foundation brush to create a flawless effect.

The foundation should be the last step, so remember whether you want to go more extreme with dark smokey eyes and bold lips, features cannot be noted on a messy canvas! Keep your skin fresh, beautiful and flawless!