Kingston students are the most employable

Only 1 in 10 Kingston students unemployed after graduation

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The Careers and Employment team, aka KU Talent has just been awarded best preparation for work strategy by the Association of Graduate Recruiters Development Awards.

How did they scoop that one? Well, there are numerous activities and events that Kingston offers to prepare students to achieve careers. A fantastic recognition for Kingston since statistics show 1 in 10 students are unemployed 6 months after graduation since 2012.

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11% of the unemployed students are male and 7% females, obviously, men make up more of the unemployed since it is more likely that employers would rather cough up the £19,000 average wage for women rather than the male average wage of £21,000.

The activities offered by KU Talent were voted the best for commitment to offering students long term career success. Talent development and employment manager Tonia Galati puts KU talents success down to having clear goals. For instance, ethnic minorities face employment barriers, so KU Talent focus on helping them. BTW, ethnic minorities make up 52% of Kingston students population- ironic.

Anyway Kingston University’s vice chancellor, Professor Julius Weinberg reckons the career support extends not only to 3rd year students but freshers as well.

An additional help to students is that employment barriers are crushed due to the prospect of Kingston Uni enabling student-employer partnership with 154 companies on campus

So, if you need career assistance or CV building workshops, visit careers support at Kingston University