How to ace a graduate application

An idiot’s guide to getting a job

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1. Stick a pun in there – it pretty much guarantees an interview.


2. Scan the advertisement for key words and make it apply to you – even if it’s a lie


* DISCLAIMER: don’t actually write this, it’s a badly thought out example…

3. Make a new email account to be proud of

– and get rid of something that could be mistaken for a porn name

misssexy007 probably won't get hired

misssexy007 probably won’t get hired

4. Get some work experience

Don’t expect to walk into a top job after getting a 1st class degree if your CV is empty*. Employers want to know the candidate has thought through their career path for a while. A CV that explains how many trophies you won in school is USELESS.

*The Kingston Tab is hiring

4. Get the CV checked over by a Tor the career gal at KU 

She’s got all the knowledge for CV and cover letters – Kingston have got something right. If not, at least get a mate to check it over. Someone who misses out words or letters ain’t going to get a job in an office.

5. If the above haven’t got you anywhere, add a cute photo of a puppy to your application.