The biggest dont’s of club promo

Too much promo, not enough care

YES! 6 notifications on Facebook? Oh wait that’s 6 invitations to club nights. Thanks but no thanks.

Students’ infamous drinking and partying, have made them some clubs’s number one priority to get on the dance floors. Cue endless flyers stuck through doors and windows, promo people lurking around street corners and 5 Facebook events for one evening.

Don’t invite the world and his wife to the Facebook event


Don’t expect people to click attending

facebook.JPG fail

Don’t invite the lowest z-list celebrity


S Club 2? S Club no thanks

 Don’t be a promo whore


Don’t expect flyers to be used for anything more than a costume


Just because we’ve now got 20 flyers, doesn’t increase the chances of us skipping down to the club.

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