Bernie Sanders apologises for his own generation to a crowd at O2 Academy Brixton

During his two-hour speech Sanders raised the issues of the past, present and future to his sold-out audience of students

King’s are hosting a vigil in honour of London Bridge attacks this coming Friday

The KCLSU has organised a vigil for Kings students in light of the London-wide one this evening

BREAKING: All King’s campuses on lock-down

Some students were evacuated from restaurants

BREAKING: London Bridge area in lockdown over trio of incidents

Updates on the story of the incident at London Bridge

Meet the KCL Digital Culture blogger hoping to travel the world for free

KCLSU also gets £5k if she wins

A KCL Political Economy student is standing for Parliament aged 19

‘I see my age as an asset, not a burden’

The African and Caribbean Society have unveiled only two per cent of KCL undergrads are black

They started the #BlackMenofKingsCollegeLondon hashtag

King’s have blocked external access to some buildings in response to increased national security

The Macadam entrance has been blocked

More students at King’s are voting Labour than Conservative in the upcoming election

40 per cent of people are voting Tory

Macadam building will be closed until next Tuesday

The fire is under continued investigation

Coffee in the Philosophy common room at KCL is going to be free

It’ll be like sharing gum in primary school, full of vultures

Breaking: Ten fire brigades attend blaze in Macadam building

Everyone has been evacuated

The Guardian ranks King’s College in the top 40 UK universities

We’ve gone up two places since last year

This King’s English student wrote her dissertation on Pepe the Frog

She submitted it four days before he died

Big Ben is the seventh most Instagrammed location in the WORLD

I mean you could just photograph every other clock that doesn’t chime

Bioscience second-years unable to complete exam as calculators were wrongfully taken away

The invigilators didn’t read the exam instructions

The best photos of a first year at King’s on 35mm

A visual warning to all new freshers…

Noam Chomsky sends an email supporting King’s campaigners at LSE

He called the campaign ‘important and courageous’