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The group of King’s students helping Charity Begins At Home distribute meals to individuals in need

We spoke to the founder of ‘It Happens Here’ KCL

‘At the very least, I want to let other students know their concerns are being heard, and are no longer being invalidated’

Meet Houseplant, a King’s based four-piece indie band

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All about London Classicists of Colour, a society working towards decolonising Classics

‘We need more POC in classics, more POC-centered narratives, and more study of POC in the ancient world’

Meet Inigo: The King’s student making the best POV comedy videos on TikTok

He has over 100k followers and five million likes

King’s third-year Helena Deane on what it’s like to have an eating disorder as a student

‘We’re under so much pressure right now. Please try not to care about your body changing’

King’s mitigating circumstances processes need improvement

Students feel MCFs don’t “take into account the whole spectrum of what students are going through” during the pandemic

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‘I can’t even imagine celebrating Diwali alone, it’s meant to be enjoyed with family and the people we love’