We looked around campus for KCL’s most fashionable tote bags

Tote-ally trendy

Street style at the Maughan: fresh semester, fresh garms

Who said library chic had to be drab?

We found out how you ladies were wearing florals at KCL

‘Florals for Spring, groundbreaking’

My male flatmates dressed me for a week and they kinda nailed it

‘Right, I’m thinking like a ‘Secretary of Whoredom’ kind of look, what do you think?’

King’s College London Street Style

Do you have the style?

I let my boy mates dress me for a first date

It wasn’t a total disaster

King’s campus street style: Winter edition

Nailing it

Boys in caps are really fit

Or are they?

Varsity Street Style: UCL vs KCL

And the winner is…

Campus style: Effortless chic

Meet the fashion icons of King’s College London

Street style: Autumn has arrived

South London represent

9am Strand campus style

I woke up like dis

Where you should live in London according to your vibe

Just please not Clapham

How to dress like a KCL English student

Ernest Hemingway is that you?

Strand campus style

Feast your eyes

Maughan Library shoot: Meet KCL student blogger Emma Bates

‘I’ve been flown to Malaysia for free’

Anna Hall

Trick or treat: This is what KCL student wore for Halloween

Some went all out and some…did not

Amira Arasteh

The Tab King’s

last seen today at 06:43

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