This is what British band you belong in based on your King’s degree

If you’re an English student, you’d be great friends with Matty Healy

I’m sure everyone has lost plenty of sleep wondering if they’d more enjoy going on tour with David Bowie or Liam Gallagher, and what better way is there to decide than the degree you do at university? After all, Liam Gallagher is not going to get on well with a STEM student, or his brother for that matter.

This is what British band you belong in based on the course you do at King’s:

English – The 1975

The Marmite band of the moment. You either hate them or you love them. While you’re fun, adventurous and a bit quirky, you are so God damn pretentious. Being Funny in a Foreign Language does not mean anyone will laugh at your jokes if they’re in Middle English.

Law – Pink Floyd

A law degree is a recipe for sadness and hatred for university… but the amount of reading stops you from exploring sad bands beyond the basics. Of course, Pink Floyd will have you hating the education system but reminding you you’re going to earn a lot of money. You have become Comfortably Numb to the boredom of law of personal taxation.

Maths – McBusted

One band + one band = one larger band. The addition that started a whole teenager phase that you never quite grew out of. You probably still dress slightly scruffy with five colours in your hair and you carry a bag around campus that is too big for you and doesn’t sit on your shoulders right, but its part of the aesthetic.


Physics – David Bowie

You have pictures of star constellations on your wall at your accommodation and you have post notifications on for Brian Cox’s Instagram, one day hoping you can do some research into Life on Mars. Listening to Bowie is close enough for now though, isn’t it?


History and Classics – The Beatles or The Rolling Stones

You constantly claim you were born in the “wrong generation” and that nothing is as good as it was “back then” like you were there. Whether it be politics or music you look to the past as a reliable source; Rolling Stones or Beatles, it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re oldies but goldies.


Computer Science – Gorillaz

You are so engrossed in building your own gaming PC that you have forgotten what real people look like. The digital creations of the Gorillaz resemble a humanoid form enough for you to enjoy them as music from the outside world.


War Studies – Oasis

Patriotic. Purely Patriotic. If Oasis did a cover of Rule Britannia, that would get 500,000 listens on your Spotify wrapped.


Nursing and Medicine – Florence + the Machine

The work ethic of a literal machine. You are working non-stop, waiting for your days off when you can finally say the Dog Days are over. But You’ve got the love for partying, and always find a way to get the party up and running. People don’t see you much, but when they do it’s a good time.

Philosophy –Radiohead

After contemplating the meaning of life and value of existence for hours, you need music that will match your energy of existential dread. Yet you find yourself struggling to keep up with the genre the band falls into, much like your shock of realising maths is involved in Philosophy through formal logic.


Biomedical Engineering – Coldplay

You’re too busy for anything that isn’t pop music, so you find yourself listening to Chris Martin and co. by default. You definitely think you’re going to save the world from all disease and Coldplay makes you feel like The Scientist and the superhero.

Business, Politics and Economics – The Killers

The Killers aren’t a British band, but they’ve come over from abroad and have performed! You are the Hot Fuss of your flat and the person everyone is talking about around campus.

Music – Led Zeppelin

You do not have to be a music student to enjoy lengthy guitar solos and atmospheric music, so stop pretending like no one else can enjoy Led Zeppelin because they won’t appreciate the art form.


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