On-campus teaching will resume for small-group seminars, workshops, and tutorials from September

Students and staff must take COVID-19 tests bi-weekly if they come to campus or live in King’s residences, regardless of vaccination status

Earlier today, King’s College London released a statement regarding teaching and learning arrangements for the 2021-22 academic year. All campuses will be open for the upcoming academic year, however, the use of teaching space will be prioritised for ‘small-group interactive seminars, workshops, and tutorials, as well as placements, laboratories, practical and clinical sessions.’ All large lectures will continue to take place online.

Additionally, the amount of on-campus teaching available to students will vary between degrees and on ‘the discipline and the stage’ students are at in their course. The College additionally intends to have examinations occur online for Arts & Humanities departments, with more information about examinations for other departments due to be released later. KCL is also planning on testing out a hybrid mode of teaching called HyFlex, which allows on-campus and remote students to learn together in the same classroom through audio-visual technology.

For students who plan to be in London for the start of term, but who may be impacted by travel restrictions, the arrival window has been extended to October 18th, 2021. Past this date, students will have to choose to study remotely.

The College also acknowledged that teaching arrangements may be subject to change in the case of COVID-19 surges. Asymptomatic testing will continue to be available on campuses, and students and staff are expected to take COVID-19 tests twice a week if they come to campus or live in King’s residences, regardless of vaccination status. All vaccinated individuals must continue to follow the health and safety measures in place on King’s campuses.

Furthermore, the status of Study Abroad programmes is still unknown, as programmes will be subject to ‘national immigration and quarantine restrictions around the world as well as enhanced risk assessments for travellers.’

More information about teaching and learning arrangements for the 2021-22 academic year can be found here.

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