KCLSU gets Carole Baskin and Tia Kofi to promote SU Awards

A Cameo video from Carole Baskin costs £224

KCLSU has enlisted the help of Carole Baskin and Tia Kofi to encourage students to nominate student groups or individuals for a KCLSU Award.

It isn’t clear how much KCLSU paid for these videos, but on Cameo Carole Baskin charges £224.25 per video.

Yesterday, KCLSU published a video of Carole Baskin to their Instagram page.

In the video, the Tiger King star is wearing one of her famous flower crowns and tells students: “Hey all you cool cats and kittens at King’s College, it’s Carole Baskin from Big Cat Rescue and I heard you are having a Student Union awards soon.

“Oh my catness! I know you guys know some amazing cool cats right? That’s what we need to hear is who is so amazing that you want to nominate them for these awards. It can be a student group or individual who has been absolutely incredible this year, yeah you can nominate them, you absolutely should nominate them for the KCSU award.

“Nominate as many people as you want just make sure there’s some really cool cats, right? You want this award to go to some cool cats and you have to do it by Friday 23rd April so get hoppin’. Stay cool cats”.

Previously, King’s published a similar video on April 12th with Tia Kofi from season two of Drag Race UK.

Tia Kofi told students: “Hi King’s, it’s me, Tia Kofi from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season two and your SU have managed to grab me away for 20 seconds from my busy schedule of watching Netflix and YouTube compilations of people falling over.

“Now if you know a student group or individual whose been absolutely incredible this year then you can nominate them for a KCLSU Award. Nominate as many people as you want just make sure that the nominations are in by Friday the 23rd of April and make sure they’re amazing.

“Wish you could nominate me, don’t know what it’s like to win anything”.

There was a mixed reaction from students in the comments. Some were more positive with one student saying: “Oh my wow yes! Time to get nominating!” and another commented: “Award time baby”.

However, on the video of Carole Baskin, others were critical of the decision to pay for a video.

One student wrote: “Can’t help but feel it is a misstep spending money on this given the current situation. People want extra support, accountability and transparency over funding and tuition fee refunds. How do you respond? By getting a Carole Baskin Cameo. What a way to show you’re in touch with the student body.”

Another student commented: “If they’re spending £225 on a video while we’re fighting to get tuition fee reductions I stg.”

The Tab King’s has contacted KCLSU for a comment

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