KCLSU announce no detriment policy ‘to be finalised next week’

The Russell Group had previously said the safety net isn’t ‘necessary’ this year

KCLSU has announced the university has plans to finalise a no detriment policy for students “over the next week”.

In a statement today, it said KCLSU officers have spoken “with central King’s figures”, who said “they intend to finalise a ‘no detriment’ policy over the next week.”

This follows pressure by students for the university to promise a safety net policy, as it did last year. A petition has been created for this by students, which has almost 2,000 signatures.

The Russell Group has said no detriment policies aren’t “necessary” this year, saying it believes that individual unis have taken enough steps to ensure students get fair grades.

KCLSU said: “Our KCLSU Education Officers will be leading a campaign within the university and nationally alongside other SUs to reinstate an appropriate and comprehensive safety net for as many students as possible this academic year”.

University students have been campaigning nationwide for no-detriment policies, following a year of academic stress and serious disruptions to normal teaching.

KCLSU said it has a particular focus on student wellbeing this academic year, through student services which offers support with issues regarding “mental health and counselling, accommodation, fees and funding and more”.

Finally, it said students living in King’s Residences “have the option to defer or cancel” their contracts, by 17th January 2021.

It is also “hosting a live Q&A session on Thursday 14th from 1-2 pm” to answer queries about rent and accommodation contracts.

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