The ultimate guide to takeaway pints in lockdown

Missing the pub? You don’t have to wait until December 2nd!

Unlike the first lockdown, this time plenty of London pubs are offering takeaway pints– some at discounted prices, to avoid wasting beer.  Technically, alcohol can only be purchased from pubs when orders are made in advance, and only as takeaway. Orders can be made via phone call or through Instagram, but other pubs have personalised pre-order systems and posters with QR codes. Most pubs encourage you to bring your own pint glasses to help reduce their usage of plastic cups – make sure to check with them first!

Here’s our guide to the best takeaway pints in lockdown. Remember to keep your masks on and stay socially distanced!

1. Forest Road Brew, Hackney

Not only do they offer takeaway beer from a van with working taps, but they also deliver beer to anywhere in London in under 1 hour! This pub promotes reusable containers for takeaway and has a takeaway mason jar pint option. Find out more about the brewery and how to order from their webshop here.

2. The Sun Tavern, Bethnal Green

The Sun Tavern offers takeaway beers and cocktails via click and collect! They also sell hot sauce, coasters, and music– so just about everything you’d need for a day of drinks at home. Find out more about how to order at their website.

3. Howl at the Moon, Hoxton

Howl at the Moon is a cool and casual independent neighbourhood pub. They offer beer and tacos takeout! Learn more about their takeout services here.

4. The Dove, Broadway Market

The Dove offers home-cooked food, including evening pub meals and daily lunch specials. They also serve takeaway beers and mulled wine. Explore your options here.

5. The Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead Heath

The Duke of Hamilton offers beef, chicken or vegan Sunday roasts as well as home-baked goods including sourdough donuts! With takeaway beer options and an open deli, be sure to check out their food menu and drink options here.

6. Red Lion and Sun, Hampstead Heath

The Red Lion and Sun has opened a beautiful takeout hut with: beers, mulled wine, frozen margaritas, and takeaway Sunday roast. They have a phone on site for ordering, but you can also find their contact information here!

7. Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Princess of Wales offers delicious food, beers, and some Christmas drinks to get you into the holiday spirit! Bailey’s hot chocolate, and the view from Primrose Hill? Yum! Find out more here.

8. Borough Market

Borough Market is open through lockdown offering essential produce, deli goods, and takeaway pints. Try to get there as early as you can because it can get quite busy, even during the lockdown.

9. Bianca Road Brew Co., Bermondsey

Open daily from 12-6 Bianca Road Brew Co offers takeaway pints from the brewery, as well as home-delivered beer from their bottle shop. Keep an eye out for their giveaway starting 12.11.2020. Find out more here.

10. The Sympathetic Ear, Brixton

The Sympathetic Ear is offering beer, cider, spirits, wine, and draught by the litre. You read that right, litre! They offer new drinks every week so be sure to check out their selection here.

11. The Mall Tavern, Notting Hill

Beer, wine, prosecco, and Sunday roast dinner – this pub offers it all! On top of all that, The Mall Tavern also has a vegan dining option. Find out more about their menu and pints here.

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