Stop what you’re doing: Ed Balls is a professor at King’s

‘Ed Balls’ – Ed Balls

You thought 2020 was unsavable. That nothing could pull us out of this nightmare of a year. But, from the mist, an unexpected saviour emerges – Ed Balls.

According to a King’s press release, Ed Balls is King’s latest professor within the faculty of Social Science and Public Policy. He will be working with the policy Institute’s Strand Group, following on from his work as a visiting professor since 2015.

Balls playing a piano with flames behind him

Ed Balls is now in his sixth year of teaching the Master’s course, ‘The Treasury and Economic Policy’, following the end of his time in parliament in 2015.

In the press release, Ed said: “I have greatly enjoyed my six years at King’s teaching economics graduate students and Treasury officials and am delighted to have been asked to join the full faculty in this new part-time role. These are hugely difficult times for public policy makers across the world and we all have a duty to study and learn from the past so that we and the next generation of civil servants and politicians are prepared for the challenges ahead.

“I have been deeply impressed by King’s deep commitment to teaching, learning and contributing to global policymaking.”

This isn’t Ed’s’ first time teaching. Before moving into politics, he was a teaching fellow at Harvard University, priming him for his extensive career in parliament.

Aside from his teaching credentials, Ed has reached internet sweetheart status following that iconic tweet, and his show-stopping performances on Strictly Come Dancing. We can only hope that he’ll whip out his Gangnam Style moves in seminars.

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