Students must wear face coverings, social distance in King’s buildings

Those who do not follow guidelines ‘may be subject to disciplinary action’

A joint statement released this afternoon by Principal Edward Byrne and KCLSU President Salma Hussain detailed King’s safety measures and guidelines for student safety for the upcoming year.

The guidelines stated that it was compulsory for students to wear a face covering in King’s buildings unless they were medically exempt. The spaces compulsory to wear a face covering include “teaching spaces and common areas.”

Those students exempt from wearing a face covering include those who cannot put on, wear, or remove a face covering because of “a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability”; those for whom face coverings will cause “severe distress”; and those who are speaking to or providing assistance to someone who relies on “lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate.”

Additionally, King’s students “must observe” social distance inside buildings, keeping a two-metre safe distance between themselves. The guidelines added that “Signs and floor tape are in place to help you maintain a 2m distance from others.” In some laboratories and offices, social distancing is necessary as well, and here “1m+ safe distancing will be in place.”

Stairs and lifts will be operating with a limited capacity, and door handles, buttons and other high-contact surfaces are set to be regularly cleaned.

Class timetabling and protocols will also be changed to comply with coronavirus safety measures. Classes will now operate with a 30-minute gap between them to “allow students to arrive and leave safely.” Students are asked to sanitise their desk and chair before they leave a room, and “keep a 2m safe distance whilst queuing for your class, and when you are in the classroom.”

Classrooms are not the only learning environments subject to new changes: in addition to the above safety measures, students must also now book study spaces in advance before use.

While most King’s restaurants will be open, they will be operating at a limited capacity and introducing a contactless ‘Order Ahead’ service. King’s gyms will also be functional, and do not require students to wear a face covering while exercising.

The guidelines also encouraged regular handwashing and use of sanitiser. King’s students were asked to “…use the hand sanitiser provided” when they enter university buildings.

The guidelines also encouraged that students follow safety guidelines, and stated that it was okay to “politely remind people of the guidelines if they are not following them.” It was also stated that students who committed significant breaches of COVID-19 guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action, although it is unclear what exactly that may entail.

The statement concluded by emphasizing that “acting responsibly and working together can minimise the risk of infection and keep the King’s community and those around us safe.”

More details about King’s safety guidelines for students can be found on their Coronavirus information page.

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