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The Philosophy Bar is shutting down indefinitely

One of the student bars will not be open this academic year

Philosophy Bar is shutting down indefinitely.

In an Instagram post, the KCLSU venue revealed that due to COVID-19 the Philosophy Bar will remain closed for the foreseeable future. An announcement was put out this week on their Instagram page to share this with the community.

Whether this closure is permanent or temporary is still to be confirmed.

The post said:

“Dear Philosophy Bar Family,

“Today we received the heartbreaking communication that Philosophy Bar will NOT re-open this upcoming September.

“We don’t know if this will be a permanent solution or just temporary, due to Covid-19, for the next academic year.

“Nevertheless, even though this might represent an “end of an era” for some of you, we hope that the memories, the people, and the amazing selection of alcohol found within this emblematic space will be cherished by all.

“A special “thank you” goes to Roberto, as he managed to put together this amazing venue, characterised by wonderful and charismatic individuals.

“With this being said, we will miss you all – but, hopefully we will see you soon! Lots of love,
The Philosophy Bar Team”.

The post also attached a petition that students can sign to save the Philosophy Bar from closing permanently. You can sign the petition here.

Without a doubt, this will stir some upset amongst some students, but public health is a priority considering the havoc of the past six months.

Situated in Surrey Street, this hidden student bar with an eclectic vibe will be sorely missed. 

The Philosophy Bar has also hosted open mic nights, stand up comedy and a range of other events. However, general gatherings of large groups are being minimised at King’s, in the same way as most other institutions.

This is just one of the precautions that the KCLSU have taken to make sure that we all stay as healthy as possible.

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