King’s cancels all study abroad for the rest of 2020 due to COVID-19

All semester one exchanges have been cancelled

Students planning to work or study abroad for semester 1 next year will no longer be able to do so due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent email sent to affected students, King’s Global Mobility Office informed them that “the Vice-Principals Education and International have suspended all outgoing student mobility in 2020.”

“This means that for the rest of this calendar year King’s students will not travel overseas for study or work abroad programmes in connection with their King’s learning, though online opportunities with overseas organisations that do not require travel remain accessible.”

Currently, overseas travel has not been suspended for semester 2. The email stated: “A decision will be taken about travel in 2021 at a later point.”

The email explains that this decision was made “with the explicit priority of protecting physical health, supporting positive mental health and to aid appropriate planning by providing early clarity, at a time where so much is still unknown.”

The Global Mobility team confirms that students grades will not be affected by this decision and “King’s is committed to ensuring that you are not academically penalised by Covid-19, including where the year abroad is normally a compulsory part of your degree.”

The email informs students that the Global Mobility office will write to them again next week with further information, however, as of now, they are unaware of what will happen in semester 1 instead for those who were meant to be working or studying abroad.