Finally! King’s is officially implementing a safety net policy

Our prayers have been answered

At long last King’s has finally sent out an email to students announcing the implementation of a “safety net” policy.

In the email Vice-President Nicola Phillips and Executive Director Darren Wallis explain that the policy means our “overall outcomes are not negatively affected by the impact of our current circumstances”.

Although King’s previously announced first-year exams would not contribute towards their degree, to ensure that “no student’s final outcome would be disadvantaged by this decision”, if a first-year receives marks that would positively affect their grade, “this is the outcome that will be awarded.

For other years, the average of all assessments completed by 15 March 2020 will be compared with the average for the full year. “For those modules completed after 15 March 2020, marks may be adjusted to ensure that the average for the year is at least at the level of the ‘safety net’ average”

However, we can’t relax completely during lockdown as “students must take all assessments set for them in order for the ‘safety net’ provisions specified above to be applied”.

A week ago King’s students set up a petition asking for a no detriment policy to be introduced after other UK universities such as Exeter and Edinburgh announced a “safety net” policy.

Since then, we have seen many more universities such as Warwick, Liverpool and Cardiff introduce such policies.

Finally, our prayers have been answered and we can rest in the knowledge that our grades can only get better.

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