Meet the KCL Football Women ready to smash UCL once and for all


Varsity is here and The KCL Football Girls are back with vengeance. Despite their loss last year, they’re ready to claim back their winning title.

The match takes place Friday the 13th at Haringey Borough. You can buy tickets here. 

Scroll down to meet the team who are going to put UCL to shame.

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Michelle Keller – Captain

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: Third Year

“She defends her breakfast choices as hard as she does on the pitch, oatmeal for life.”


Diede Fennema – Vice Captain

Course: Psychological Medicine

Year: Second-year PhD

“Sweetest off the pitch, but an absolute beast on the pitch. Would highly recommend not to defend her”


 Rebecca Visser – Vice Captain

Course: International Relations and History

Year: Second-year

“Has passed on her dark horse persona to Chloe, but still a funability”


Ines Wood

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: Third-year

“Watch her whack hands save some hard shots, look her up on Red card fb page for reference”


Sabina Hollywood

Course: History

Year: Third Year

“She’s such a number 7” -Danielle

Danielle Kleinerman

(creds for title)

Course: English with Film Studies

Year: Third Year

“Will rip pants for sick moves”


Carlota Montalban

Course: psychology

Year: First Year

“Queen of the pitch”


Karla Montes

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: First year 

“Karla is just an HONEST player”


Alma Zickerman

Course: Economics and Management

Year: First Year

“Doesn’t seem like it, but is the strongest man alive”


Akhina Gaches

Course:  Psychology

Year: Second Year

“If Akhina doesn’t ask for tequila shots after a match, did we really play that day?”


Brandi Coleman

Course: International Politics

Year: Third year

“As creative on the ball as she is with her insta stories”


Bethan Brown

Course:  Economics, Government, and Legal Studies

Year: Third year

“Will question if there is a bathroom at flat parties”


Chloé Ng-Trique

Course: International Development

Year: First Year

“Bro, she’s always keen to hangout”


Magdalena Bodlund

Course: Digital Culture

Year: First Year

“Magda doesn’t like to pass to me” -Michelle (CAP)


Solene Declas

Course: Psychology

Year: First Year

“Will do an Irish dance with the ball”

Paula Arrus

Course: International Relations

Year: Second-year

“Is one of the feistiest players on the team, will argue with ref”

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