Which US Democratic candidate is your King’s degree subject?

If you got Mike Bloomberg, this is your vibe check

It seems like only yesterday that America was churning out Democratic Candidates like the film industry churns out Fast and Furious sequels. Now, they’re dropping like flies.

Rather than an ‘In Memoriam’ montage, we’ve created the definitive list of which candidate you are depending on your degree subject. Apologies in advance; we can’t all be Bernies.


Elizabeth Warren- Liberal Arts
Let’s begin with the Democratic Primary’s most recent drop-out. Underrated and often neglected, Warren and Liberal Arts both face obstacles in trying to prove they’re pretty chill.

Example: when Elizabeth Warren tore Mike Bloomberg to shreds like it was no big deal.


RIP babes.


Mike Bloomberg- Economics
After spending $500 million on a wildly unsuccessful campaign, Mike Bloomberg is clearly an expert when it comes to money. He spent $14 million on ads in Virginia alone and still placed 4th. Big oof.


Andrew Yang- PPE
Out of all the candidates, couldn’t you totally imagine Yang rocking up to a PPE party? He calls his supporters the Yang Gang, he’s a twitter Meme Queen, and he’s always dropping a peace sign or a thumbs-up in his pics. His vibes are totally PPE.



John Delaney- Computer Science
In late 2019, one of his campaign events in Iowa only had 11 people attending. EEEK. Equally, when I was plus-oned to Computer Science’s department party in 2019, this was approximately the number of people who attended. Including me.


Cory Booker- Philosophy
Cory Booker’s Twitter gives off such philosophy vibes.

Exhibit A: Look at this philosophising. So profound.

Exhibit B: Basically every philosophy student has a caffeine addiction.

Questions, comments, concerns?



Pete Buttigieg- Politics

Pete has this politics thing nailed. His speeches are all rhetorically flawless. He rolls up his sleeves to show he’s a ‘man of the people’. But he also looks like the kind of guy who turns up to every class wearing a suit, and there’s definitely a few of those in a politics degree.


Kamala Harris- Law
As an ex-prosecution lawyer, she was an actual law student at some point. Nonetheless, she looks like a lady who has a shit together. She’s the kind of law student who’s head of Law Society, has a dazzling resume full of top notch summer internships, and rolls up to lectures 5 minutes early with a perfect blow-dry and a Pret coffee in hand just to make you feel like shit for rocking up in a hangover in your PJs.


Joe Biden- Medicine
Joe Biden is definitely the kind of Medic who gets a little too hyped about varsity, spends every single Wednesday at Guy’s Bar (and actually thinks it’s fun), and definitely wears a King’s branded hoodie unironically.


Beto O’ Rourke- Spanish
Beto’s Spanish skills are flawless, as seen here at a democratic debate. (Get ready to cringe.)


Tim Ryan- English
Studying English, you’re pretty sure you have a solid knowledge of the people on your degree. And then you start a new semester and there’s always that one guy in your seminar who you’ve literally never seen in your life. Are you in the right class? Do you even go to King’s?

If Democratic Debates were English seminars, Tim Ryan is that guy.


Bill de Blasio- Anything but Veterinary Medicine
Not sure who this guy is but one time he dropped a groundhog during a Groundhog Day ceremony and it died. So, like, he probably shouldn’t do Vet Med, I guess?


Tulsi Gabbard- Maths
Using classic Maths degree skillz, our gal Tulsi has figured out that the Primaries are a numbers game. While Bernie and Biden are bickering, she’s gonna be the last woman standing. 3-2=1. Smort.


Bernie Sanders- History
Congrats, you made it to the end! Have some Bernie, as a treat.

Anyway, no surprise here, Bernie is great at history because he’s super old. He knows historical events so well because he was THERE. Why do you think his hair is so wild? It’s full of secrets.


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