Meet KCLFC men’s varsity team ready to smash WhoCL on Friday

Come support them on Friday 13th!

KCLFC men’s varsity team are back again and ready to smash UCL at their varisty match this Friday.

You can buy tickets here.

Have a scroll to meet the team.

Welcome to The King’s Tab’s coverage of London Varsity 2020, bringing you the wildest stories from the games, rundowns of the squads, and the latest score updates. Anything mad happens at a game? Message us on Instagram or Facebook.

Name: Conor (Seabass) Bassett – Midfielder

Course: History

Year: 3

BIO: Belgravia’s number 1 client. Might not start due to house arrest…comment from the lawyers pending. Ivanovic double

Name: Seb McCarthy – Defender

Course: PPE (didn’t quite make the oxbridge cut)

Bio: MacMan – Steds Central.  One day he’ll be 100 Kegs. Takes 2 hours for his hair to dry. Someone give me a job, please. “Oh, Natasha.”

Name: Kyle ‘KFA’ Fraser-Allen – Midfielder

Course: Global Finance and Banking

Year: Postgrad

Bio: The pensioner trying to relive his youth. But be careful this is one pensioner you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with. Check out my Wikipedia page and vintage clock collection. Failed Footballer.

Name: Jay Kynaston (Defender)

Course: Food

Year: 2 going on 25

Bio: Can’t rinse him for what we all want to. Only gets in the team because he doesn’t shut up.

Name: Greg Teague – Midfielder

Course: He’s not sure

Year: Postgrad

Bio: Better than his brother. The silver fox. Saves the forgiveness for Church

Name: Cameron May – Midfielder

Course: Geography

Year: Third

Bio: Vests for days. ‘Yo Darlin’ check out the triceps on ma insta.’ ‘I work at Asda, I’ll dash you a Ribena.’ Biggest arms at the club. Can still be found outside p.i arguing about his ban. ‘Hello Miss ‘ ‘The real deal’

Name: Alexandros Kalkanis – Defender

Course: Business Management

Year: Fresh

Bio: Chat’s stiffer than a dead cat. Group baby, still asks for mummy’s bitty.

Name: Eddy Mort – Winger

Course: Not as good as his Undergrad … but History

Year: Postgrad

Bio: Couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Missus left him for the 6’s. *Insert pretentious chat here* Can’t make a 5 yard pass. Mr. Steal Your Girl

Name: Joshua Greenbury – GK

Course: Law

Year: Second

Bio: Tie you up in court for years. Writing a novel. Ask him for his Epilogue. Don’t show him your tea towels. Prolific spitter. Stow your children away.

Name: Joe Evans – Striker

Course: Business Management

Year: Third

Bio: Snake but we love it. Never takes his earrings out.

Name: Fabio Mendes – Forward

Course: Biochem

Year: Fresh

Bio: Missus sets his curfew. Loves an open goal.

Name: Kieran Dobbs – Winger

Course: Welsh

Year: Second

Bio: Catch him windmilling in the vault. Supposed to be social sec. Clean off the crack for 3 years now.

Name: Afonso Burnay – Midfielder

Year: Fresh

Bio: Who?

Name: James Blakemore (Defender)

Course: Buisness Management

Year: Second

Bio: His daddy’s Dominic Blakemore. Called Bubba by gf.

Name: Matteo Mugnaini – Striker

Year: Third

Bio: Would start a fight with his own mother. Hairiest man I’ve ever met.

Name: Tom Coxton – Everywhere

Course: GCSE Cooking

Year: Third (Re-sitting first year for the third time)

Bio; 2’s. Commutes in from Leeds

Name: Henrique Marcos – Defender

Course: Political Economy

Year: Postgrad

Bio: Lives at the Hippodrome. On benefits to pay for gambling addiction

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