Meet the team: KCL Pole Fitness


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Having smashed varsity last year, as well as Regionals – the pole fitness team have their eyes set firmly on another win. They may be shooting for a win at Nationals, but that doesn’t mean their focus is off of varsity, they’re pulling out all the stops to show UCL who’s in charge.


Ruqayya Butt – @ruqayyabutt

Course & Year: 3rd Year Geography BSc

Fave move: Baby Snake

Quote: “I don’t know, pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is stupid or embarrassing or both”


Isabella Trujillo Cortez – @isabella.tocrtez

Course & Year: Biomedical Engineering MEng

Fave move:  baby snake

Quote: “Stella, our president, once told me that I sound like a Disney princess”



Miki Dimitrova – @mickey.dimitrova

Course & Year: Liberal Arts, 3rd Year

Fave move: leg hangs

Quote: “Small, foreign and fragile”



Jao Woramontri – @jaoxjaox

Course & Year: Mathematics and Philosophy, 2nd year

Fave move: Russian split (on a good day)

Quotes: “I didn’t think an exotic routine was my style, but I’m thinking of doing a BDSM themed routine?”

Sam Gronlien – @samsonor

Course & Year: 3rd Year BSc Psychology

Fave move: anything besides re-grips (rip)

Quotes: “I have dead butt syndrome”



Iris Esener – @aerialiri5

Course: MSc Advanced Software Engineering

Fave move: Handspring

Quote: “I was planning on selling one of my 100 pole shorts but I got too attached to it”.


Diya Salhab – @diyasalhab

Course: Geography, 3rd Year

Fave move: reverse grab spin

Quote: “I need to get healthy for comp season… that means no going out and no Haribo”


Luisa Kloth – @luisamariek

Course & year:  Political economy, 1st year

Fave move: anything handspring-y

Quote: “Oh my butt was touching my head? Didn’t realise”


Dilara Kucuk – @lifeofdilara

Course & Year: Global Ethics, Masters

Fave move: Jade split

Quotes: “I don’t like choreo so Freestyle it is!”