Meet the King’s Basketball Varsity girls ready to smash UCL

They’re back and they’re better than ever

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It’s that time again. Varsity is back and we’re ready for the Basketball ladies to lead us to victory.

King’s will be playing (correction, destroying) UCL at UEL Sportsdock on the 8th of March. You can buy your tickets here.

Meet the squad below, along with descriptions provided by their teammates.

 Emma Hostert (Captain)

Course: Pharmacy

Year: Second Year

Quote: “Not gonna lie…that coach is pretty fit though”

Sophia Richter

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: Second year

Quote: “I know I’m supposed to be hosting this social but can everyone just leave, I’m tired”

Shireen Francis

Course: Chemistry

Year: Second year

Quote: “Most likely to eat Maccies before a game and still outrun and outscore the rest of the team”

Kiera Schmidt

Course: Physiotherapy

Year: Second year

Quote: “Most likely to ask coach if we can run another round of 17s”

Helen King

Course: Bioinformatics PhD

Year: First year, PhD

Quote: “Most likely to break all her bones before varsity”

Cristina Garrone

Course: Biochemistry

Year: Third year

Quote: “Sorry girls I can’t come to the game… I may have the coronavirus”⁩

Parry Chu

Course: Early Intervention in Psychosis

Year: MSc

Quote: “Most likely to apologize to coach and team for shooting a 3 and making it”

Molina Das

Course: Biochemistry

Year: Fourth year

Quote: “Most likely to get stuck in the library door”

Cornelia Norman

Course: War Studies

Year: MA

Quote: “Most likely to get a concussion during a game and then get asked out by her doctor who treated her”

Mariam Matovu

Course: Physiotherapy

Year: First year


Mariam: “I will sleep nearby so I can go to morning gym session tomorrow”
*Tuesday morning* Captain: “Where is Mariam?

Natalie Wong

Course: Physiotherapy

Year: First Year

Quote: “Most likely to leave a hookups house at 5am to make it to 7am gym training #fortheteam”

Ashley Nunes

Course: Child nursing

Year: Second year

Quote: “Just call me Ash”

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