Meet the King’s Netball Varsity squad ready to smash WhoCL

They’re not messing around.

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Varsity is here and the netball ladies are ready to destroy UCL again this year.

We can count on this strong female team 100 per cent to lead us to victory.

The match takes place on Tuesday the 10th of March at UEL Sports Dock. You can buy tickets here.

Have a scroll down to meet the fierce team ready to put WhoCL to shame.

Claudia Eeles (Co-captain):

Course: German and History 

Year: Second Year 

Position: GS/GA

Instagram: @claudiaeeles

Bio:  a.k.a. The Netball Post 

Most likely to: Put a kiss at the end of an aggressive text x

Julia Belteki (Co-captain):

Course: German and History

Year: Second Year

Position: WD/GK

Instagram: @juliabeltekix

Bio: a.k.a. The BNOC 

Most likely to: Touch the ball without getting possession

Asia Jones:

Course: International Development

Year: First Year

Position: GK/GD

Instagram: @asiatjones

Bio: a.k.a. The Player of the Match

Most likely to: Have a pint(s) before training

Abi Morgan:

Course: Psychology

Year: Second Year

Position: GA/GS

Instagram: @abi_daisy

Bio: a.k.a. The Angel 

Most likely to: Cry about her degree 

Lydia Stead:

Course: MA Science and International Security

Year: Masters

Position: WD/C

Instagram: @lydiakates

Bio: a.k.a. The Mouthy One 

Most likely to: Chat shit then send a private apology later on

Sarah Bliss:

Course: History

Year: Third Year

Position: GD/WD

Instagram: As if…

Bio: a.k.a. Asia’s understudy

Most likely to: Crash to the ground, claim she was pushed. She wasn’t…

Stevie Southall:

Course: Ancient History

Year: First Year

Position: C/WA

Instagram: @steviesouthall

Bio: a.k.a The Hockey Player

Most likely to: Get a nose job midseason

Rianna Gohil:

Course: Law

Year: Third Year

Position: GA/WA

Instagram: @rianna.gohil

Bio: a.k.a. Winston’s Mum 

Most likely to: Get sent off, get the team suspended or give the umpire too much chat

Yoshi Soloman:

Course: Linguistics

Year: Second Year

Position: WA/C

Instagram: N/A

Bio:  a.k.a. 

Most likely to: Go to heaven (or Guy’s Bar)

Dom Alexander:

Course: Digital Culture

Year: Third Year

Position: GA/GS

Instagram: @domalexander

Bio: a.k.a. The Benchwarmer 

Most likely to: Not be able to tactical chunder; require encouragement from Claudia to do so.

Iman Elsheikh:

Course: Philosophy

Year: Third Year

Position: WA/WD

Instagram: @imanelsheikh07

Bio: a.k.a. The Enigma

Most likely to: Not reply on the group chat

KCL netball plays UCL on Tuesday 10 March. Get your tickets here!

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