Meet the King’s basketball varsity squad ready to destroy UCL

UCL better watch out

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King’s men’s basketball team will be taking down WhoCL on Sunday 8th March.

Get your tickets here to see our champions destroying UCL.

President: Tameem Sharafnabi (Tameem the Dream)

Hometown: Ealing, London

Course: Medicine

Year: 3rd Year

Bio: “The inventor of load management, this guy was cutting his own minutes since Kawhi was a loyal player. Whether you need a 3 or a T, Tameem the Dream is a guaranteed walking bucket, the sparkiest of spark plugs from the ends of Ealing.

Captain: Tom Chadwick (Kermit)

Hometown: Black Rock, VIC, Australia

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: 3rd Year

Bio: “Ever heard of a 6’7 point guard with a crazy handle at King’s? Well that’s not Tom. Instead, we like to refer to him as the poster machine. With a deadly first step this big man certainly puts defenders on posters worthy of being up on everyone’s wall.”, “A few pints in and Kermit is in full force”

Vice-President: Michael J Wise (Custard Cream Flagrant Foul)

Hometown: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: 3rd Year

Bio: “From flagrant fouls to hitting his head on the rim, he has it all. Living on a diet of doughnuts and custard creams he is still ripped to shreds with a 6 pack worthy of the gods”

Fraser Curry (Tikka masala)

Hometown: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Course: International Development

Year: 2nd Year

Bio: “Averaging a double double both on and off the court (hint), this guy will care more about his instagram reach than defence. Having said that, the Ontario pedigree breeds through with his electric scoring performances”

Rumen Yanakiev (Skelly/Wayne Skellington)

Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria

Course: Business

Year: 3rd year

Bio: “First person in London to have AirPods”, “With the basketball IQ of a goldfish, his sheer talent and skill make up for it and send chills through defenders bones”

Philip Horster (5 foul Phil)

Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany

Course: European Politics

Year: 3rd Year

Bio: “On the floor more than a mop. Every 3 possessions he’s hustling and diving”, “So aggressive that he makes a lion look like a kitty”

Andris Horváth (Green Shorts)

Hometown: Nagymaros, Hungary

Course: Computer Science

Year: 1st Year

Bio: “As aggressive as a teddy bear. Do not be fooled though, once aggravated he transforms into Kobe and rips through defenders left, right and centre”

István Darabán (Pingu)

Hometown: Târgu Mures, Romania

Course: Biomedical Science

Year: 2nd Year

Bio: “Skater boi”, “Best known for being the silent killer, scores 5 3’s in a half and walks around as casually as the gym janitor at 11pm”

Kwame Mintah (Mr Vogue)

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Course: Philosophy and Ethics

Year: 1st Year

Bio: “Uber’s most loyal customer. Averaging 5 Ubers a day, he spends the equivalent of my monthly rent in a week on Uber”, “Mini KD. The slim reaper”

Max Reinhardt (Eins Zwei Polizei)

Hometown: Gotha, Germany

Course: Business Management

Year: 1st Year

Bio: “With the looks of Luka Doncic but the partying of J.R. Smith, this German assassin will lock you down like East Berlin”

Benjamin Simon (Mr TripDub)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Course: American Studies and English

Year: Semester Exchange

Bio: “Don’t be fooled by his Mormon appearance, Elder Simon will lay down the law on you with his Philly streetball skills, certified to drop 30 in your face while citing Mark 3:15”

Raymond Zhu (Ray J)

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore

Course: Pre-Med

Year: Semester Exchange

Bio: “Ploughs through the oppositions defence as well as Ray J ploughed through Kim”

Let’s support our teams!

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