Watch: KCL psych student writes song about Tesco meal deal

The student meal deal obsession is real

We already know that a Tesco meal deal is the obsession of almost every student in the country.

It's the old faithful we all revert back to when it's reading week and the student loan no longer stretches to afford Pret lunches.

But do you love meal deals so much that you'd write a song about them? Jeffrey Chung, 1st year Psychology student at King's, did just that.

We spoke to Jeffrey about his heartfelt performance and he said this:

"I recently broke my phone screen so I was having it fixed next to Guy's. While it was being fixed I went back to campus and asked my friend Zoe to give me a title and challenge me to write a song. She gave me 'Tesco meal deal' to write.

"I do write other songs, some serious but mostly as stupid as the one you've heard, they're usually meant to be funny."

Jeffrey is regularly found singing his heart out in Guy's Chapel between lectures so if you sneak in at the right time you might catch a performance of Tesco Meal Deal for yourself.

This isn't the first time King's students have demonstrated their love for a Tesco meal deal. Two second year students have set up an Instagram page called "ratemymealdealkcl" where they rank photos of people's meal deal choice.

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