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This is how Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals are treating coronavirus

There are now two confirmed cases in the UK

According to the chief nurse of Guy’s and St Thomas’s, “plans are in place” to treat Coronavirus patients in local hospitals.

On Wednesday, Dame Eileen Sills spoke on Coronavirus at the Guys’ and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust board meeting.

She explained the trust’s responsibility to ensure they could accept any positive patient in the country” because it is one of HCID (high consequence infectious disease) centres in the country.

She also explains the trust must to be able to respond to anyone who turns up and thinks they “might well be symptomatic and have been exposed”. She said that the NHS should be “calm and reassuring” in communicating about the topic.

On Wednesday, Dame Eileen described the “feeling that it is inevitable” that coronavirus would reach the UK. This morning, two coronavirus cases were confirmed in the UK.

She said the Guys’ and St Thomas’ trust and central NHS agencies are working together to coordinate advice to medical staff: “We are reaching a point where we need to give guidance to staff and students who have potentially travelled from the Wuhan area.

"They will need to be off for two weeks and self-isolate.”

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