King’s ‘Brexit Party Girl’ Makes Twitter Private

Her account was reported for ‘doxxing’ Lea Costa

King's Student and 'Brexit Party Girl' Emily Hewertson has made her Twitter private after it appears she violated Twitter's rules.

Twitter user @samisam147 posted screenshots showing a report that had been successfully made against Hewertson for "posting private media of an individual from a country with a recognized right to privacy law".

The report seems to be related to a tweet Hewertson made that named Lea Costa as pouring a drink over her "because I vote Tory".

This video was also posted on Twitter of Hewertson saying that her dad's a Labour supporter, with Costa replying "is your dad single?".

Whilst some have come out in support of Lea Costa, many users have shared further personal information about her, including her private Instagram and her LinkedIn account.

Since the incident, Hewertson's Twitter has been set to private, and her account listed as "protected" with a message that "Only approved users" can see her tweets.

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The King's Tab have contacted both Hewerston and Costa for a comment.

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