Which meal in Gavin and Stacey are you?

No one wants to be brunch.

Gavin and Stacey is full of iconic mealtime scenes. Most famously, the Indian.

With the new Christmas special debuting in two days you may be full of questions of what is going to happen in the latest episode.

In the meantime, however, you might want to know which food-related moments of the series you identify with most.

The Omelette

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Ham, mushroom, cheese, tomato. That’s the beauty of an omelette, they’re very versatile. A bit like you. Very easy-going. You adapt to whoever you’re with. You’re a classic. Universally appreciated. Underneath all that though, admittedly, you’re a little dull.

Character: Gwen

Jamdani Hash

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Mysterious, exotic, one of a kind. You often find yourself explaining who you are and where you come from. You always have a story to tell and the ones you do are, well, immense.

Character: Nessa

Fish and chips……….and chips

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A little bit annoying and prone to making a scene. You know what you want and how to get it. You don't always realise how ridiculous you sound sometimes. Childish, perhaps, but annoyingly endearing.

Character: Smithy

The Salad

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You manage to start fights without even trying. No one wants to claim responsibility for you so you always cause problems, sometimes without even being there. Wherever you go, there’s beef. Sorry Pam, tofu.

Character: Doris

The Three Steaks

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Overeating? Never heard of her. The rules of eating normally don’t apply to you. Even when you’re eating half a cow. You find ways to excuse how much you eat and somehow manage to make it sound like you’re on a diet.

Character: Pam

Anything with Linda McCartney on it

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You’re a strict vegetarian and certainly won’t be caught eating ham out the packet. No one else in your family is but you ask them to respect your views and all the little animals who’ve been needlessly murdered in the name of Western civilised greed. On Christmas Day, you’ll be pretending to enjoy your Nut Roast and reading your new vegetarian cookbook.

Character: Pam – but not really

The Gnocchi

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Not always the first choice but when a decision needs to be made, you’re chosen. Little bit bland as you've lived a very sheltered life. Dull exterior but better once you work your way in. Full of flavour, your taste is immaculate, but not when it comes to cardigans.

Character: Bryn

Brunch (banana, sandwich, bit of cereal and a yoghurt)

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Not being funny, but you wanna get a life. A bit like brunch, you’re not really a thing but you’re trying hard to be. Strange amount of hype around you given how dull you are. You hear the phrase ‘What you just said was really boring’ a lot.

Character: Stacey

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