King’s College London is teaming up with Owkin to deliver AI to hospitals

They will be delivering AI to hospitals while protecting patient data through federated learning

Owkin, a technology company developing Federated Learning and AI technologies to advance medical research, has recently announced its collaboration with NVIDIA and King’s College London to bring Federated Learning to the healthcare and life sciences sector.

Owkin is developing machine learning technology, also known as AI (artificial intelligence), to advance medical research. These intelligent systems will be trained on real-world clinical data at scale. Information collected by the machines will be shared collectively with partner hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. AI will be able to spot biomarker patterns in genomic data, image libraries and patient records.

"We founded Owkin to efficiently and intelligently transform hospital-level clinical data into predictive models,” said Thomas Clozel, Owkin co-founder and CEO.

“If we can transform the world’s clinical data into broadly accessible research knowledge, we believe we can fundamentally advance medical research and have an incredibly powerful impact on solving the most important medical challenges," added Clozel.

The project will connect four of London’s leading teaching hospitals before expanding across the UK.

The King’s College London Medical Imaging and AI Centre for Value Based Healthcare (AI4VBH) is one of the world’s most ambitious Federated Learning projects in healthcare.

Owkin’s co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Gilles Wainrib, said: "King's College London has assembled the engineering, medical and data science talent, the high-quality patient data, and the governance framework in the AI4VBH Centre, that will show the world the future of healthcare analytics and the power of machine learning.

"Together we will be enabling the formation of a decentralized dataset that will generate enormous value for research and clinical practice.”

The KCL School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences recently won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. The award is the highest national honour in the UK for higher education.

Owkin has reported that they are proud to be associated with the university.

KCL will be using Owkin’s Federated Leaning software and NVIDIA’s EGX Intelligent Edge Computing platform to improve research, clinical and operational practices across a large number of clinical pathways, with cancer, heart failure, dementia and stroke being areas of primary focus.

Craig Rhode, EMEA Industry Lead for Artificial Intelligence Healthcare and Life Science, NVIDIA said: "We are confident that the Owkin Connect stack, integrated with NVIDIA Clara and our EGX platform, is the right solution for KCL and many other leading research hospitals around the world.

"The collaboration with KCL, the Hospital Trusts, Owkin and NVIDIA brings together the clinical, data science and technology partners to ensure that patients can be confident in the integrity and security of their data in this new and rapidly evolving healthcare revolution."

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This federated dataset will be made available by KCL to its researchers as well as to a community of Life Science & Healthcare companies that are consortium members within the Innovative UK funded AI Centre.

KCL and its London hospital partners will be the first participating academic medical consortium in the UK.